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OMNIGarage Standard Cabinet Construction

Full Backs that are Rabbeted or Dadoed into the Cabinet for a Strong, Dirt and Bug Free Interior. 

Premium Blind Dado (Mortise and Tenon) Joint Construction for Tops and Bottoms for Superior Strength. No Butt Joints. No Closet Hardware Plastic Assembly Fittings. Glued and Screwed to Last a Lifetime. 

Custom Made to Any Size You Need or Want Using Computer Designed and Manufacturing Technology. All Jobs are Computer Engineered -- No Stock Parts off the Shelf.  Manufactured on a per job basis in Southern California.

Easy-to-Clean Themofused Industrial Grade Melamine Interiors and Exteriors.

PVC Edgebanding or OMNI Metallic Edgebanding.

Premium Grade 120 degree BLUM INSERTA European Self-Closing Concealed Hinges with 6 way Adjustment. The leader in premium European hardware.

Industrial 3/4” Industrial Double Sided Melamine Construction and Shelves are Standard. Upgrade to 1” thick Tops, Bottoms and Shelving Available.

Fully Adjustable Shelving with Metal Hardware.

Mounted off the ground for easier cleaning and away from water.

Metal and Stainless Steel Hardware in a Choice of Several Styles



Industrial 3/4” Melamine Shelves are Standard. Upgrade to 1” Tops, Bottoms and Shelving Available.

Available with Reinforced Cabinet Tops and Bottoms and/or Shelving with Metal Extrusions.  But this may be overkill but it looks great.


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